math rendering test 1: LaTeX

This is a quick test to see how easy it is to render mathematical text in the wordpress blog, and how the different methods look.  First I am going to try LaTeX directly.

Boussinesq solutions for stresses in an elastic half-space resulting from a vertical load on the surface at the origin:

Horizontal stresses:

\sigma _{xx}^{B} = \frac{F _{v}}{2\pi} \left[ \frac{3x^{2}}{r^{5}} + \frac{\mu (y^{2} + z^{2})}{(\lambda + \mu) r^{3}(z + r)} - \frac{\mu z}{(\lambda + \mu) r^{3}} - \frac{\mu x^{2}}{ (\lambda + \mu) r^{2} (z + r)^{2} }\right]

\sigma _{yy}^{B} = \frac{F _{v}}{2\pi} \left[ \frac{3y^{2}}{r^{5}} + \frac{\mu (x^{2} + z^{2})}{(\lambda + \mu) r^{3}(z + r)} - \frac{\mu z}{(\lambda + \mu) r ^{3}} - \frac{\mu y^{2}}{(\lambda + \mu ) r^{2} (z +r)^{2}} \right]

\sigma _{xy}^{B} = \frac{F _{v}}{2\pi} \left[ \frac{3xyz}{r^{5}} - \frac{\mu x y (z + 2r)}{(\lambda + \mu) r^{3} (z + r)^{2}} \right]

vertical stresses:

\sigma _{zz}^{B} = \frac {3 F _{v} z^{3} } { 2 \pi r^{5} }

\sigma _{xz}^{B} = \frac {3 F _{v} xz^{2} } { 2 \pi r^{5} }

\sigma _{yz}^{B} = \frac {3 F _{v} yz^{2} } { 2 \pi r^{5} }





2 responses to “math rendering test 1: LaTeX

  1. Hi Richard,

    You’ve probably already heard of MathJax, but in case you haven’t, you may want to consider using it. I find the rendering is quite nice and you’re able to select, copy and paste things from the rendered page as well. Looks like there might even be a wordpress plugin.


    • Thanks, Dave. Nice to hear from you.

      I like Mathjax a lot and was hoping to use this to compare to WP’s LaTeX, but unfortunately the MathJax plugin only works on self-hosted blogs, not those hosted by wordpress itself (or google sites), because of restrictions on javascript and calls to external servers (the mathjax cdn).

      But it works great in other instances I’ve used it, such as with GmailTex and in the IPython Notebook.

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