This is a site by Richard Styron, a geologist now at University of Michigan.  I am a post-doc in the Crustal Mechanics and Lithospheric Dynamics laboratory, working under Eric Hetland.  My current project is studying crustal stresses contributed by topography, and how those stresses affect earthquakes.  I completed my Ph.D. in Geology at the University of Kansas in October 2012, advised by Mike Taylor.

This blog is focused on my main interest (tectonics) as well as related things, especially computational work/news/etc.

Some content will also be related to academia, especially graduate school, and general fieldwork things (techniques, gear, permits, anecdotes, etc.).

My Google Scholar page is here.

My ResearchGate page is here.

My public GitHub page is here.

My LinkedIn page is here.

Feel free to contact me at richard.h.styron at gmail.


One response to “About

  1. Just did an interview with John Styron about my kayaking & canoeing adventures. He mentioned you & your blog. I just wanted to say Hi! Maybe we can do some paddling in the future.
    TJ Hittle

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